Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mystique of Multitasking

My productivity this morning is off the chart. Right now, I'm organizing the writing implements on my son's desk, watching a pot boiling on the stove, folding laundry and rearranging the china cabinet. NOT! I can hear you snort, which isn't very nice of you, even though, of course, it's true. I'm not really doing any of those things at this very moment. I'm taking a wee break to jot down some deeply profound thoughts, the kind that only come when I'm running the vacuum, the droning noise of which drowns out the everyday mind chatter, and the lint in my brain gets cleared away long enough for something deeply profound to be uncovered like the shiny, silver dollar buried in between the couch cushions. 

Yes, those kind of Jack Handy Deep Thoughts are zipping around in my brain this morning as I flit from task to meaningless task, fueled by the "just one cup!" of coffee that I'm allowing myself today.  Just a quick jot, and then I must get back to that laundry in the dryer before it wrinkles.  And figure out why the oven timer is beeping.  There's nothing in the oven, is there? Are those almonds I put in to dehydrate yesterday still there? I'd better check. Be right back to share those profound thoughts.  

Whew! I just need to sit down for another minute and clear my thoughts.  I haven't put away the laundry yet, but I'm making real headway on sorting the Nerf gun parts. I'm so glad that beeping sound stopped.  It turned out to be the coffee I had reheated in the microwave.  How could I forget the "just one cup!" I've promised myself to get me through the laundry list of all that I want to accomplish today.  Laundry!  Be right back.  

Gosh, it's fun to dust every single hanger before I can even hang up the clean laundry in the closet.  We've done a bit of remodeling here this month, and absolutely everything is covered with a fine layer of dust. I had no idea how much dust a skinny hanger could hold!  I don't want my Fun Meter to peak too soon today (still two hours to go!), so I'm taking a wee break from dusting hangers while I savor the last drip of my "just one cup!" of coffee.  

OMG, THERE'S NO MORE COFFEE IN MY CUP!  *Head banging.* I do believe I deserve another cup because I've been working so hard.  I'm just coming off a three week cleanse, however, and I mean to inject my drug of choice back into my system slowly.  I've chosen a handrafted, locally sourced, cold brew which is supposed to be easier to digest. Nonetheless, the caffeine is a real jolt to my system.  That's the point of it, isn't it?   

I really don't get decaf.  Go caffeinated or go home, I always say!  But I AM home, so that saying is no help at all. The lack of caffeine withdrawal is making me testy already.  A little voice tells me that this is a great time to do a meditation. Where the hell did that come from? Probably the same idiot who came up with the "just one cup!" policy. I'll allow myself three deep breaths .... and blast! There's that infernal beeping sound again.  I wonder what it's for? If I had the clarity of more coffee I'm sure I could figure it out.  I'll just check it out and then...
Be still my heart!  I found a way to reorganize the china cabinet that really works. Sitting on the floor surrounded by the knicks and knacks that didn't quite make their way back into the china cabinet, I realize I'm exhausted. 

My cleaning sprint is done for the day, and, I'm sorry to report, those deeply profound and meaningful insights seem to have flown the mental coop along with my energy.   They've all been whisked away like the lint I need to take out of the dryer trap. Right.  The laundry. That's what I had set the timer to me remind myself to do. Sigh. With apologies to Mother Earth for the extra outlay of energy, I will sit here and bask in the glow of what I did accomplish and I'll de-wrinkle the clothes with that extra Touch Up cycle on the dryer clothes tomorrow it too early for happy hour?  No, wait a minute, it's time for my meditation. I'm sure that's what I meant to say.

P.S. If you've read all the way to the end of this meaningless post, it just might be possible there's something you're avoiding, too. You might want to go check the dryer....