Friday, February 7, 2014

Something Small has Hatched

I walked outside yesterday and discovered a tiny white bird shell on the ground. It was so small that I nearly missed it, and yet so beautiful that I had to pick it up.  "Something small has hatched," I thought.  

Today, my family and I are celebrating something small that we hatched ten years ago. We invited people that we didn't know over for dinner.  It doesn't sound like much, and yet it changed everything. 

We didn't know a soul here, in fact, when we bought our first house here in Eagle Rock. Our BC ("Before Children") friends were all still going out to happy hour, and our families lived across the country.  It's what happens, I suppose, when you wait until your late thirties and you live two thousand miles away from where you grew up to have your first baby.  

I thought our kids' preschool would be a great place to find new friends, since their parents would, naturally, have children the same age as ours.  Knowing how unpredictable life with babies and toddlers is, however, I hatched the idea of a casual monthly gathering with potluck food and a babysitter to watch the kids ~ no RSVPs required.  Ten years ago today, two families that we didn't know arrived on our doorstep.  The rest, as they say, is history.

For ten years, we've opened our doors on (almost) every first Friday of the month to welcome our "preschool friends" and a few more families of school friends that we've adopted along the way.  It seemed like such a small idea, at the time, and now I can't imagine my life without the FFC.

Small things matter.  That's the theme that keeps resonating with me lately, and the FFC story is a perfect example.  And so is the little shell.  It was such a tiny thing that I almost didn't see it, and yet, without tiny egg shells, there would be no songbirds.

I can't help but notice that "small things" are not often  celebrated in our culture these days.  I'm reminded of that commercial where a man, seated at a child's size table, asks the youngsters seated on either side of him, "What's better: bigger or smaller??" The kids all clamor for BIGGER.  While the children give interesting reasons why bigger is better, the overall message is clear:  even young children know the obvious.  "Bigger is better" flashes across the screen.  Case in point.

We supersize our fast food, our homes, and vehicles.  We pump animals full of steroids to make them bigger and bigger, some to the point of no longer being able to stand up unaided.  It's as if we think we can chase away the devil if only our stuff casts a big enough shadow on him.  It makes me wonder how much of our many environmental crises are due, at least in part, for our endless obsession with having More and Bigger.

This past year,on the other hand, has been an exploration of many Small Things for me. It's been a journey to re-program my own mind that thinks only an event with a big turnout is a success.  Last Saturday, three of us showed up for the first-ever Earth Goddess Adornments event, after several last-minute cancellations (and one later arrival).  After all the excitement before the event, the size of the group was disappointing.  Truth is, we enjoyed a more intimate, creative experience because of our small number.  One more reminder to be grateful for all of the small things that hatch.  

After a meeting with a wise friend and creativity coach on Monday, another new idea has hatched:  Love Earth Emissary.  Many people have said, "I wish I could support your Love Earth work if only I had the ....{time, energy, focus, proximity}."  It occurred to me that I have the time, energy, focus and proximity, and it's something I can offer.  I will hold, share and activate all of the blessings, hopes and positive intentions for Earth on behalf of all the busy and far away people, in sacred ceremony, once a month.  I can be their voices.  I can deliver their messages.  I can be their Love Earth emissary.  

It sounds like such a small thing when I write it.  Another something small has hatched.  I don't know if it has the longevity of the FFC or the sweet song of the sparrow.  I do know that it is my soul's calling, and I'm excited to see how it grows.  First ceremony will be ....on the day we celebrate Love, of course, February 14. Got a message of love or hope for Earth that you'd like to share?  Let me know.  I'm the Love Earth Emissary, at your service. 

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  1. For those who have asked, the wise friend and creativity coach who gifted me the Love Earth Emissary idea is:
    Liza F. Camba (Sat-Akal)
    I highly recommend her workshops!


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