Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Signs, Signs

"The next prompt is 'synchronicities'...what synchronicities or coincidences have you seen in support of the book you are writing?"  Davina asks.  This writing prompt throws me for an unexpected loop.  I can barely believe that I'm stumped by this one.

I'm the kind of person who likes to believe she is deeply attuned to messages from God and the Universe.  I look for and delight in seeing signposts all along my way to affirm that I'm on the right path.  So why does the cold hand of anxiety wrap its frosty fingers around my heart when I hear this question?

It's because, in this moment, I cannot think of one single sign or synchronicity that affirms that my book is on point, that it is on Purpose, that it is my Calling.   I feel shattered.  Angry, even.  I consider myself the Queen of Coincidences.  How can I have failed to notice this ominous lack of support? Or have the signs all been there and I've been too busy, too oblivious to notice?  And, above all, how can this seemingly trivial matter be so singularly upsetting to me?

These are the only thoughts that I manage to capture in response to this particular writing prompt.  I'm relieved when the next prompt arrives, and I am back on terra firma.  I am writing....

Driving to my YMCA this morning, I notice, for the first time, of all my hundreds of trips here in the last ten years, that the address on the building next to the Y is 141.  I pound the steering wheel and shriek with joy and relief!  I can barely park the car for all of the tears that are welling up in my eyes.

"141" is my shorthand for the One-for-One Earth Blessing Activation weekly event I'm currently offering.  It was inspired by the same Love Earth passion as the book I'm writing.  This is it, I realize, this is my sign.

I feel a weight has lifted.  I feel exonerated. I feel blessed.  Indeed, the signs are all around me, if only I slow down my little car and open my eyes to see what is right in front me.  Thank you, merci, gracias and AHO!

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