Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Tarot Cards

Once upon a time, there was a woman, a High Priestess, who lived in a cave on a hillside in the forest.  Every morning, she walked out of her cave to greet the sun and to harvest nourishing gifts from the Earth.  Always with loving gratitude, she blessed her harvest and embraced her world.   At nightfall, she retreated to her cave to contemplate, to meditate and to stoke the fire that kept her warm.

One early morning, an ornate chariot, decorated in high relief with gold and ribbon trims, pulled by two wild beasts, appeared just outside the door to her cave. The wild beasts were panting and foaming at the mouth, weary from their travel.  There was, however, no driver, no guide, no charioteer at the helm. 

The woman inquired of the beasts, "where is your commander?"  The beasts gave no answer, but stared at her intently and mutely. Their expectant expressions suggested that their only purpose was to wait for the High Priestess to step into the chariot and issue a direction.  

The woman brought food and water to the beasts, but they did not eat.  They did not drink. They stood at attention, mute and panting.  

The woman returned to her cave for evening meditation and contemplation.  Throughout the evening, she could see the beasts still standing outside the door to her cave, ready and waiting.  The woman fell asleep while puzzling over their presence.

When she awoke, the beasts were still standing in the same position, affixed to the golden chariot.  No longer panting, though their eyes were trained on the door to the cave, not daring to miss the woman's command.  The woman offered fresh food and water to the beasts, which they, once again, declined to eat.

The woman went about her routine, leaving the beasts to their weary watch.  Three days passed, and still the beasts stood waiting while the woman pondered.  

On the fourth day, the woman awoke to discover a large and stately lion sitting just outside the door to her cave.  The fresh carcasses of the beasts, already covered with flies, lay on the ground behind him.  The shattered remnants of the chariot could barely be seen at the bottom of the ravine.

Shocked and angry, the woman confronted the lion.  "What have you done?" she cried.  The lion eyed her cooly.  "I have done only as Nature intended," he replied.  "It is my Nature to consume flesh when I am hungry."  To this, the woman had no reply.  She slumped to the ground and held her face in her hands.  

"May I ask," the lion continued, "if it is your Nature to refuse to ride in a golden chariot, drawn by two magnificent beasts, at your service, and awaiting your command?"  The woman rushed at the lion, grabbing the stick she used to stoke her fire and dug it deep into his side.  Her teeth bared and she growled, "How dare you question my Nature?"

"It is my Nature to speak the Truth," the lion replied.  The woman turned on her heel and strode into her cave.  She packed her few belongings into a bag she had woven of wheat and feathers. She turned to face the Lion.  "Okay, then," she said, "I'm ready to go.  I need no golden chariot nor magnificent beasts to take me where I'm going."  She lifted her bag to her shoulder, her gaze affixed to a distant point on the horizon, and started walking.  

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  1. I couldn't help notice this. I have just written two stories based on tarot keys, the first for Key 9, the Hermit, and the second for Key 8, Strength. Naturally I was intrigued when I saw Three Tarot Cards and Once upon a time. Great read.


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