Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,
Thank you for the purple explosion of flowers on the jacarandas in my neighborhood today.  The profusion of beauty made up of the abundance of such tiny things as the petals of a jacaranda bloom remind me just how beauty is created.  Rarely is it that just one single, perfect thing causes me to sigh and say, "how beautiful!" More often, it is the conglomeration of several, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands of little things, not all of which are perfect, as some of the blooms on the jacaranda tree are not-yet-blossomed and some are brown, but the sum experience of which is one of sheer Beauty.
And so am I made up of millions of little parts, some of which have not yet blossomed and some of which have withered, and when I focus on any of those, I do not see my Beauty.  It is only in that rare moment when I see the totality of who I AM, including the unseen parts, the loving Spirit and the wisdom in the faded places, do I see the Beauty of Me.
And so I give thanks to Nature for reminding me what Beauty truly is.  It is not the made-up face that advertisers try to sell me, nor the air-brushed magazine models that I despairingly compare myself to.  It is the sum of the All, the extraordinary experience and exquisiting expression of Wholeness. 
Beauty, then, is an experience, not a thing.  It is the experience of watching the sun dissolving into the horizon, a single orb now melting into fiery crimsons, golds and tangerines, surrendering its hard shape for an ooze like an ice cream left on the sidewalk on a summer day.  Would the sunset still be beautiful were I not watching, witnessing? Surely, it would for the consciousness of the Earth delights in sunsets as much as I do.  For me to know Beauty, however, it is essential that I participate.  I cannot know the Beauty of the by sitting in my office and reading about it online, even if there were a website called  It is only when I go to the window, the roof or the lawn when I may realize the Beauty of the sunset.  In that moment, Beauty is the collaboration of all of us: the Sun and Earth and Sky and me, all dancing in communion with the Divine. No air brushing required. 
I am grateful for the invitation to dance.  I give a standing ovation for today's flowery displays.  Thank you for keeping the flowers blooming and the hummingbirds humming.


  1. "You are welcome." said the thankful tree.

  2. Thank you, Cheryl for thanking the universe! If only I knew how, I would share this to my FB followers.

  3. Here's the link you can post: Thanks for sharing! I will check out your page as well.


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