Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time To Step It Up

I'm an idea person and a starter. I love the rush of realizing I have a great new idea, and that Divine Inspiration has spoken once again! Then it's off to the races, madly delving into the details of getting this new idea born. I call myself the Cosmic Midwife, in fact, because I love reaching into the cosmic womb, grabbing hold of that Great Idea by the shoulders, and encouraging it out the birth canal.  It's such a thrill to help birth that new one out into the world! 

And then, like the midwife, I'm off to the next birth. Sure, I am happy to stick around for the celebration of the new life, make a toast to this beautiful New One. When the first challenge comes along, however,it's so tempting to say, "oh, well," and rush off into the Next Great Thing.

A series of texts from my daughter this morning hit me squarely in the third eye. I have abandoned some really terrific ideas all over the cosmos. That's okay, generally speaking. Sometimes those Great New Things were just a stepping stone to the Really Big Thing. However, my daughter's texts made me realize that a lot of them concern my parenting, and that's not okay with me. I've started so many great new programs for helping my kids learn to stay on track with homework, to set goals and make a plan to realize them, to take initiative in helping around the house, and to learn to be independently-motivated...and I've abandoned them all, one by one.

I'm devastated to realize this. In all my great intentions to help them learn, I feel now that the only thing I've really taught them is how to quit at the first sign of trouble. My son is a teenager now, and my daughter is crying out for more consistent support. I only have a few years of real influence left, and I am determined to make the most of it.

With all eight of my dedicated blog followers as my witness, I hereby dedicate myself to this commitment: to be the parent I truly want to be, to be the parent that my children came here to have. It's time for the Cosmic Midwife to step it up. Of course, I'm totally thinking of this as a New Beginning, because that fuels my imagination and determination. The difference is that, this time, I'm sticking around for the realization of the project. I hear that's a pretty amazing rush, too.

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