Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where do the Great Ideas Go?

Where do the Great Ideas go, the outrageous ones that come in the night, and land on me with the weight of an anvil, thrown into a bank of fresh snow?  These Profundities, they are so vivid and stirring, seemingly perfectly aligned with my Soul.  I'm sure, in the moment, they are with me always, encoded in my biology, great Truths that I will always Know.  So certain am I, they cannot cease to be, I give in to my laziness and  make promises to the Great Muse.  I swear that I'll write in the morning, when I am fresh, clearheaded, and not feeling diffused.

Yet when I awake, the Great Ideas have vanished, gone without a trace, like a vampire at dawn, leaving behind only a feeling of something lost, a wondering, a doubting if they ever existed at all. 

Are the Great Ideas nocturnal?  Do they exist only in the dark?  Are they like earthworms, thriving in moist, fertile darkness and shrivelling in sunlight?  Are they real or imagined?  Were they ever as profound as they seemed in the night?

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