Friday, March 9, 2012


My friend told me recently that he hasn't been active in his business lately; that he's been woodsheddin'.  I had never heard the term before, but I knew what he meant instantly. I've spent some time in the shed myself.  In fact, I think it's good thing to do, every now and again.  When I'm not feeling my ax is as sharp as it could be, I like to hole up for awhile and sharpen it up. 

It occurs to me that is exactly what I want to do today.  I've been running from one thing to the next for awhile, and it's time to recharge.  I have but one appointment today, a rare occurrence, it's the full moon release cycle, and I'm on a cleanse.  The starts have aligned! So today I'm woodsheddin'.  I'll be back when my ax is sharpened. 

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