Friday, January 27, 2012

Does this Blog Matter?

I seem to be taking a break from blogging.  I didn't intend it; I didn't intentionally stop posting one day.  I still write daily or almost daily....I just found myself reluctant to post... wondering if what I write is really intended to be posted out on the world wide web.  I had thought I was blogging to make connections, expand my world, share my experiences with peeps who might also be wondering, "is anybody else feeling this"?

And yet, by all appearances, my only devoted readers are members of my family, those beloveds whom I could, just as easily, email my thoughts to them separately.  Is my desire to blog, to post Big Thoughts out into the World, really an egoic attachment to being recognized for my self-proclaimed brilliance?  I have to wonder.   Does this blog matter to anyone but me?


  1. This is one of my greatest concerns about writing a blog. On the other hand, you could treat it as a kind of public diary and try not to worry about who might or might not be reading it.

  2. Hey, a comment! Yes, it is most definitely a public diary, and it has benefits for me personally. Blogging is somehow more akin to birthing, than simply contemplating or musing. Going through the additional processes of editing and editing and editing and finally posting is like a microcosm of raising children. Is this one ready? How will it reflect on me as a parent? How well have I prepared this one for The World? Thanks, anonymous reader. You've helped me understand the lure of blogging for me. Truly, it's not for anyone else BUT me, and my post of yesterday sounds like like nothing more than Teenage Angst to me now....though it is a bonus for the writing to open a connection along the way.


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