Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does the Faucet Know?

Does the faucet know? Ever since we bought the replacement (yet to be installed), the old faucet has been behaving itself. Still not as agile as a youngster, it has been moving from side to side without the crunchy sound, and the sprayer will retract back into place again. Barely a week ago, it seemed permanently face-planted in the sink like an ineibriated party guest out on the lawn.

Did the faucet hear us complaining about its performance and decide to shape up? If I truly believe, as I say I do, that All is One, that God is in and of everything and everyone, then I’m holding Divinity in the palm of my hand when I’m at the sink spraying the dishes.

Or is it that, once I ordered the new faucet, I considered the problem solved. No more focus on “what’s wrong,” putting attention (and intention) instead on what’s fixed, what’s taken care of, and what’s working. Energy flows where attention goes, and so the stickiness and crunchiness dissolved when I let go of them?

Or maybe it’s some of each ~ and some more of what I haven’t even imagined. In any case, I am grateful that it’s working again. Between it and the new one stashed away, I have a lot bigger window for focusing on what’s working….and hope that takes my mind off the printer problem!