Thursday, October 13, 2011

In The Soup

I went to the home of my dear friends on their last day in my town. Early the next morning, they would be setting out across country for a new job, a new home, a new life in a new city. Today, they are working frantically to clear out their home, to pack and load the precious belongings which would travel with them across country. They took a moment from their efforts for a ceremony to honor their home, the only home that their children have ever known, and to bless their journey. As we joined hands in circle, their excitement was palpable. I took a joy ride, energy surfing on the cresting wave of their eager anticipation. I felt a twinge of envy at their fresh start, their plunge into the uncharted waters of The Great Unknown, of What is To Be, and the revealing of what Is.

I got back into my car, and, in a moment, I felt deflated. My friends' path is clear. The new job has been secured. Their belongings are nearly packed. Their travel itinerary is laid out. They have decided on new schools for the children. Their course seems so certain, and mine so completely unknown. And yet I know that this packing and driving is only the tip of their New Adventure Iceberg. They have many choices and discoveries yet to be made.

In truth, I am on the threshold of a new adventure myself. I recently learned that, after two years of study and practice, I passed the certification exam of the Institute of Modern Wisdom and I'm now a full-fledged practitioner. Yet, I wonder what this means? How am I to be in the world now, and what do I have to offer? I feel that I, too, have my energy tank fueled and my consciousness vehicle pointed clearly onto a new path. But where does it lead? Where am I headed? Where is my Life Journey GPS?

Ah, the sweet elixir of life's soup, of knowing and unknowing, of believing and disbelieving, of allowing and disallowing. With every spoonful, I have the choice of scooping up something sweet, something sour, something well-cooked or something raw, something meaty or something effervescent. And so when I find myself chewing on something unsavory, I know I have the choice to put the spoon back in the pot, deliberately this time, with clear Intention, and select something delectable, exquisite, and more to my liking. The key is remembering to make the choice, the Conscious, Deliberate choice. The time of worrying about what may come or dwelling on lack is over. I choose to choose.