Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Held my Mother's Hand Today

I was enjoying a rousing conversation in my head today, when I realized it was just the sort of conversation I would have had with my mother before she passed.  Contemplating the various merits of "shopping local" and creating community versus internet deals and making efficient use of precious land's just the sort of thing we could have sorted out together, collaboratively and enjoyably.  Only she wasn't in the car with me, nor will she be again, not in the physical, anyway. 

Or was she?  It occurred to me that this thought didn't come out of "nowhere," and it could well have been Divine Inspiration.  My mother loved nothing more than a good conversation,  so I decided to include her in this one.  I reached over to "her" side of the car, and held her hand.  And I began to talk.  Just like old times.  And I knew I wasn't alone.   

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