Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Easy Out

What’s funny about rain after living in Southern California for some 20+ years now is that it still kick starts my old snowstorm program. What used to mean “stay off the streets for safety” is now a “mandate to sit on the couch for a day and watch movies.” Well, that was often the result of the old snowstorm program, too, but there’s no “stay home for safety” reason attached to rain. Not really, anyway, though some argument could be made for avoiding mudslides and the hazard of hydroplaning on our oily streets in the rain. That all sounds pretty lame, though, for someone who once braved the snowy and icy streets on a daily basis every winter. It doesn’t take long to wimp out living here, though. Which makes me wonder about my easy life, in general. I don’t lack food or shelter or clothing...or love. What easy-out excuses am I accepting because I enjoy an easy life?

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