Saturday, November 26, 2011

Captivating Scenery

Having grown up in the Midwest, I am still blown away by what my California-born children take for granted.  Driving through the high desert panorama of drunken slabs of rock, beard stubble mountains and polydactyl Joshua trees, their noses are buried in their devices. Having lived here their whole lives, they see nothing out of the ordinary. Growing up in the age of nonstop diversion, they see nothing out of their windows that's "interesting."  The last living dinosaur could wander out of a canyon, and they wouldn't know it.  Maybe if Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift popped up, they'd get interested.  Or would it take a total battery failure to get them to turn from the electronics?

Later this night, my daughter spins in her seat, so that her head rests on the arm of her seat, looking up at the light show in the sky.  She stares intently, as if watching her favorite movie.  She is awed by the black of the night and the sheer number of stars in the sky.  No dinosaurs or pop stars in sight; just the depth and blackness of night that we just don't get in Los Angeles.  I'm glad that there's something out there that's interesting after all.

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