Thursday, September 8, 2011

Uncommon Sense

My dance teacher Darcel says that if the next step seems natural, then it’s probably the wrong one. I think of this as I wonder how often I make a decision based on what “makes sense.” So often I think I’m making a decision based on what my intuition tells me, a clear divination. “It just feels right,” I say, and charge ahead. Yet when I am really tuned in, really clearly communicating with Source, the information I receive rarely “makes sense.” Invariably, it challenges me on some level, often to the point of thinking “that can’t be right. Doesn’t make sense.”

I used to be a complete and total news addict. I felt my entire value as a human being depended on me keeping up-to-date with current events, politics, and trends. I was my own personal compute-er, receiving and processing the intake from the nightly news, NPR, CNN and the LA Times. A couple of years ago, I pulled the plug. It was a shock at first, and now feels completely liberating. Now I spend more time listening, craning my inner ear to hear, the sound of that small still voice of Divinity.

In a sense, I suppose nothing has changed. I am still consumed with Intake and Processing. I have simply repositioned my receiver. My intention now is to tune into Pure Consciousness, Love, and Truth.

The signal isn’t always as clear as I’d like, to be sure. In fact, it reminds me of the scratchy reception I got on the old transistor radio which I snuck into bed with me at night as a kid. Back then, I could not have cared less about the interference because I was so excited to have any kind of reception, as magical (not to mention illicit) as it was. Then came stereo receivers and then digital transmission. Now, I quickly flick to the next station at the first indication of poor sound quality. Yes, the signals are better, and there are so many more of them, too. Indeed, the flood of information comes so fast and furious these days it’s no wonder I struggle to figure out from where my “intelligence” is coming.

Which brings me back to Darcel. And the transistor radio. The invitation, it seems, is to let go of what “makes sense.” And to tune back in to that thrill of the magic of wireless communication. Albeit scratchy and unclear, it is thrilling to receive information from The Great Beyond. Especially if it doesn't make sense. 

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