Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Faith Ferry

The sun shines on me warmly, and I am grateful for the cool breeze as I face the labyrinth. What question shall I ask for pondering, for contemplation as I walk? I’ve come to the labyrinth by whim, coincidentally, after having lunch with the friend who first introduced it to me. After I dropped her off, I discovered the car was so low on gas I feared I would not make it home, so I stopped in a gas station I don’t usually frequent. Leaving the station, I obeyed the little voice that said, “turn right,” instead of making the left that would lead me to the direct path home. I do believe that there are “no accidents” in this life, so I considered “why am I here?” as I drove up Glendale Blvd., surveying Atwater Village. I considered my usual favorites, Crystal Matrix and Jill’s Paint, but neither called to me. Then Forest Lawn came into view, and I knew. It’s time to walk the labyrinth again.

Driving the winding roads of Forest Lawn, I am quickly enveloped in the Love consciousness contributed by so many visitors who have come here bestowing blessings on their loved ones. Just being in this place puts me into an altered state, as if the veil is thinner here, and I feel the Presence more intimately. I park at the labyrinth, and take a moment to Check-In on Facebook at “....soul searching.”

Standing at the entry point, it occurs to me that this unplanned trip makes the question, “Why am I here?” all the more poignant. And I walk. Intentional step by intentional step. It occurs to me that it’s quite fitting for a Tree Priestess (She Who Prays with Trees) to be soul searching in a place called “forest lawn.” I thank the trees.

I reach the center and quiet my mind. No bolt of lightning nor earth shattering revelations come to mind, and yet I feel a shift. I walk back out, feeling, knowing and trusting that the answers have arrived, even if not yet received by my conscious awareness. Back in the car, I post, “Soul found.”

Fast forward two weeks. It’s the New Moon, and mercury is direct again. I am on fire with ideas for developing and shaping my business ventures. The heaviness and doubt that weighed upon me at the Full Moon have lifted, and I feel unstoppable. I know that Spirit is ever present, ever guiding, ever Being in my life, with me, through me, as me.

The labyrinth experience reminds me that there is much more happening than what I see with me eyes or than what I can figure out with my mind. Ask, and it shall be given you. So often I ask, and then begin doubting before what I want has manifested. I know that every prayer is answered. The trick is to remember that every thought is a prayer.

Faith is the ferry that carries me, in Trust and Knowing, from the time that I Ask until the time when the answer is manifest. The ferry is a powerful means of transportation, where I can park my vehicle, and let somebody else drive until the destination is reached. There are no oars for me to power, and no paddles for me to row. What a delightful way to travel.  I highly recommend the Faith Ferry. Perhaps I'll Yelp it.

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