Friday, May 6, 2011

The Toughness of Dreams

My Miracle encountered a Dreamtaker yesterday, and I haven’t heard from him since. A couple of months ago, my family was eating breakfast at a local diner. I had a business presentation DVD burning a hole in my pocket. I asked God to tell me, “who needs this? Who am I here to reach out to?” We finished eating, and got up to leave. Something told me, instinctively, to give the DVD to the bus boy. “Here,“ I said. “This is for you.” We made brief eye contact, and I walked out. I didn’t hear from him right away, and that was fine. I thought that perhaps my role in that interchange was simply for someone to say to him, “I see you. You exist. I believe you can do better, you ARE better.” And I thought no more of it.

Until yesterday. I noticed there was a message on my cell phone, one from an unknown local phone number. I played the message, and the boyish voice on the recording said, “I wanted to talk to you about the job.” In that moment, that brief encounter with the diner busboy popped into my mind. I just knew the message was from him. I called the number on my phone and said, “I got your message. Please tell me where we met again??” He said, “At the diner…” I immediately started babbling, “Oh, I knew you would call! I am so GLAD to hear from you…” as if we’d been friends for years and years.

We met in person this morning, and we hit it off right away. When I talked about the opportunity to generate as much income as he wanted, not tied to an hourly wage, he hung on my every word. When I talked about money being deposited in my bank account while on a family vacation, his eyes shone. His enthusiasm for this business opportunity was palpable.

Before we parted, we made excited plans for getting his business off the ground, for working together, and for touching base again in a couple of hours.

Do you remember your last conversation with someone? I remember my last conversation with my Mom. My children and I had a breakfast party with her favorite donuts in her bedroom, and we talked about the new caregiver and made plans to go out to dinner. I remember the disturbing phone call I got from my Dad just a few hours before he passed. And I remember that conversation with my diner busboy-friend.

I did check in with him a couple of hours later, and he didn’t answer his phone. I left a voicemail message. Excited to reconnect, I also sent him a text asking when we were getting back together. He texted that he was “busy,” and that was the last I heard of him. He has never responded another call or text from me.

I am reminded of the parable of the Sower, as recounted by the late great Jim Rohn. The Sower kept on sowing, even though the birds ate some of the seed, even though some of the seeds landed in stony ground, and even though some of the seeds that did sprout were choked by weeds. The Sower just kept on sowing.

Business is like that. LIFE is like that. Sometimes I talk to people about my passion for empowering people through my business, and they tell me it won’t work, that I’m crazy to think so. Other times, I talk about creating multiple income streams to achieve financial freedom, and they tell me it’s a pyramid, that it’s illegal. And sometimes when I hand someone a DVD, they act like I’m offering them an instant case of leprosy. None are reason enough to give up on my dream of helping people create new family legacies, all the while uplifting my own.

I used to limit the form and focus of my dreams, based on the opinion of others. I believed people who said, “you can’t hope for too much.” I listened to people who said, “set your sights low and you won’t be disappointed.” I put more credence in the experiences of people who were fearful, distrusting, lonely, or broke than the small still voice telling me to aim high and dream big, to discover and fulfill my Purpose and help others do the same.

I no longer live and dream at the whim of caprice and circumstance. Perhaps that’s one of the gifts of having lived to the mid-century mark ~ and having done a lot of spiritual work along the way. My dreams are no longer violets to be crushed under an errant heel.

I know now that my small still voice is the voice of the living Intelligence that informs this entire Universe, and that my dreams are infused with the ominipotence and omniscience that God is. There’s no bird gullet, no hard soil, and no weeds that can stop the Flow of that which is Divine.

That’s the toughness of dreams. And I’m the Sower who keeps on sowing.


  1. Even though that young man didn't call back, you clearly touched him. He'll think about your conversation again, even if it doesn't lead him toward your business. It will remind him that he has dreams, and that there are ways to realize them. This might not be his way, but your talk with him is showing him a path.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Suzanne. Yes, I do believe I ended up where I started, knowing that the whole exchange was simply to let him know someone saw a greater potential in him. It was my honor and privilege for he is a bright young man with a big Purpose.


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