Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does God Wear a Watch?

I've been feeling a distinct tension between "going with the flow" and Discipline for awhile now.  On the one hand, I intend to be in the moment, here and now, listening and acting on the divine inspiration that comes to me in each moment.  "The Universe likes speed," as Joe Vitale says, and there's no time like the Present.  And yet I'm equally certain that the the achievement of goals requires a certain discipline, a dedicated practice of making action plans, scheduling appointments, and checking off To-Do lists.  This all feels antithetical to Going with the Flow.  How do I honor both?

Today, for example, I’m all about Inspiration and Vision, and I just spent 45 minutes organizing and tuning into my personal mission and passions.  That’s supposed to be Sunday’s task.  And yet I’m feeling it today.  So I honored my feelings…and now I'm behind schedule, looking at a stack of unpaid bills, and more confused than ever. 

I got to thinking about how nice it must be for God, not having to worry about what time school starts or the workday ends, when the mortgage due or the paycheck comes.  Happy-go-lucky God. Then I laughed out loud.  God is all about timing, perfect timing.  The sun comes up at a precise time every day, the moon orbits the Earth every 27.321 days, and the Earth takes a spin around the Sun every 365.256363 days, right on schedule. 

Then again, that's the impeccable timing of nature.  That's God doing what God does on God's own schedule.  But the schedules and calendars of humans don't always coincide with God's.  In fact, it it sometimes seems that our clock and calendar have been totally dissociated from nature.  Just how natural is it that we insist that work and school start at the same time of day, regardless of the season or the cycle of the moon?  God doesn't have to wait until the calendar says "First Day of Spring" to burst open an early iris.  For that matter, how could I possibly explain Daylight Savings time to God?

All of which brings me back to wondering how to marry divine inspirations with the manmade clock.  I feel certain that it’s about trust, ruthless trust. If I really know and trust that God is the Source of ALL, then surely God knows what we humans are up to, even with our artificial constructs of time.  When I trust God implicitly to guide me, I won't need a calendar or a watch because I will naturally tune into each moment and know perfectly what to do (or not to do). But I'm not quite there. It's like my Rev says, "If you haven't yet learned to walk on water, take a boat." So, for now, I am devoted to my dayplanner, my Outlook calendar and the clock on the wall. All the while, I'm dipping my toe into the water, fine tuning my listening, and building my trust muscle.  Right now, I'm trusting that these will get paid tomorrow, and that will be in perfect timing, by God's watch and the human calendar alike. 

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