Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Blessing for the Caregivers

I know that there is a Living Intelligence, an Infinite Mind, orchestrating the grand overture that this Universe is. Every leaf carries its signature, every petal sings its praise, and every cobweb maps its intricate design. I know that God is in the Garden.

I bless those who take up the mantle of creation, feeding the divinity in every leaf and every stem, living and breathing in harmony with, indeed as One with, the divine hand that shapes the world of nature, the living expression of God.

I bless those that open the eyes of those who were sleeping, those who thought they didn’t care, and those that thought, really, that there wasn’t much of a world out there at all, to the beauty and intricacy of Life.

I bless those that help us all to see the beauty of a tree, the resilience of a weed, the fragility of a moment in time. For this moment in time is all we ever have, all we can ever know. I bless those who bring this moment into sharper focus, clearer perspective, with utter urgency.

I bless those that honor the sacred rhythms and systems of the Earth and all her inhabitants. I bless all the caregivers of this bountiful Earth. I bless and honor you as a prince among them.

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