Friday, February 25, 2011

Twenty Questions

Is my life for me or thee? Is my vision of I for me or we?
We have been through so much, you and I, that sometimes I wonder ~ who knows me better, you or me? Do you see Me, the essence of all that I am, and I see me, through all the filters of my doubts and fears?

When you question who I am being, how I am expressing my Me, I wonder whose vision of me you see? Is your vision of me closer to the Truth of Me, than mine is of me?

When you tell me to aim higher, is it because you see where I am to be? Or is your vision more for we than me?

When you see me doing something differently than I see, does it even mean that we disagree? Could it be that we are touching different parts of the elephant, I am on the trunk and you on the knee? Is it really ALL me?

After a lifetime of needing and craving approval, am I looking to you to tell me who I am, so you will love me? But if I am trying to be someone you will want to love, then will you love Me? Or can you even love the me I am pretending to be?

Can I ever be who you want me to be? Or just a clever portrayal of your vision of me?

And if you say that I’m not being all that I can be, is it because you sense I’m pretending, vainly endeavoring to fulfill your vision of me? That your sense of me not living up to being Me is because I’m seeing me through we? Or thee?

Am I for me or thee or we?

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