Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Bass Ackwards

I can see now how I've been going about life completely backwards. what made the most sense to me was to consider first and foremost, "how much money does it make" when deciding how to occupy my time ~ my occupation.  I devoted most of my time to going to work, getting ready for work, getting to work, getting home from work, getting ready for the next work day, and worrying about when I would get all of this work done!  Whatever time and energy might be remaining, if any, for those things that spoke to my Soul, nurtured my Spirit.  By all appearances, it was a successful way to go about it.  I graduated from a good law school, and I enjoyed great pay, benefits and opportunities to travel in my corporate job. 
And yet so many days were spent counting the hours until I could do something FUN, be with my husband and children, do something with meaning. 

So when my corporate job went away, I dedicated myself taking a different tack.  It's been an up and down process, a trial and error path, for sure.  I've invested my heart and soul in a brick-and-mortar retail store, a few different network marketing companies, and some consulting work in the renewable energy business.  I loved something about each of them.

What I love most is that now I'm putting Spirit first.  I listen to my heart when deciding how to devote my time, my energies, and my heart.  In doing so, I'm infusing my entire day and being with Spirit.  I truly believe that Spirit calls us into this world to serve Purpose, and my days are joyful when I feel that connection to Purpose.  The more joyful I feel about what I'm doing, the more I love doing it, and the better I do it.  And the better I do whatever it is I'm doing, the more I am rewarded.  For the first time in my life, I feel success and financial rewards drawing to me naturally, without struggle, and without my putting any conscious attention on how much money I make at all.  I am so grateful to hand over those reins to Spirit. Blessed be.

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  1. We are taught to "Follow the money" and to look for jobs that will pay the bills, get us a big house and lots of toys. I was realizing today how much of my thoughts focus on lack, on what's not there. I focused on what I could not "afford" instead of the focusing on how abundant the Universe is. I want my focus to be on how effortlessly and easily abundance flows into my life everyday.


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