Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Now Cat

The old cat stands on the desk in front of my face.

Flicking the end of his long, skinny tail at my nose.

Flick wiggle wiggle Flick wiggle wiggle Flick

As if warning me. Pay Attention to Now.

Waiting may mean you will miss it. You will miss me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Experiencing Oneness

Floating, drifting, rolling in, and as the wave rolls across the wave of the one before, merging, melding into the wave, the pulsating of energy vibration in this time and space and beyond all knowing and awareness, the One life is having its way in and through each drop of water, each rolling wave, each crash on the beach, the roar of the tsunami, the trickling of the all encompassing flow of life itself, expressing itself as Being, as breathing, as waves of expanding energy, manifesting as the leaf, the branch, the root, the tree ~ growth, death, and transformation into a greater knowing of Itself ~ reflecting on the wave, on the wind, and on baby’s breath, I am the wind through the trees, the wave caressing the beach, the sweet milk scent of the newborn’s sigh, I am Being, and I am breathing, and I AM.