Monday, November 8, 2010

The Business of Passion

As much as I believe passionately in the mission of Pre-Paid Legal to empower people, I have struggled with presenting it to others in a way that was meaningful.  I was so easily discouraged by all of the "but why would I want that?" and the  "isn't that a pyramid?" responses.  I have used their services countless times for many purposes.  I may be a lawyer, but my experience is in environmental law ~ and my questions are about wills, land use, and consumer credit ~ areas of expertise in which I have none.  I love having this service, and yet I felt unsuccessful in communicating with others about it.

I'm a "sea urchin," if you're familiar with the dolphin-shark-urchin-whale personality types.  I love information.  I love details.  I want to know everything about something, and then I vomit what I know over everyone else!  

Recently, I talked to a young man, not about the practical aspects of the membership, but about my love for Harland Stonecipher, the founder, who had a vision that no other American should suffer as he did without access to legal services; a man of little means who had the courage to act on his dream of making equal justice within the means of all.  The young man said, "I'm into any company with that kind of passion."  And a light bulb went on.

For all the days I struggled to find the means of speaking to people about money, business, and financial freedom, I now find the path illuminated by speaking from my heart, about what ignites my passion.  I realize that people feel the sincerity when I speak from my heart, and they 'hear' me.  This isn't just relegated to romantic and friendly relationships.  It's for EVERY relationship.  Forget all the coaching, the seminars and training.  Business is no different than any aspect of life.  Speak my truth, from my heart, and my customers, my business associates, my friends, my children, and my husband understand what I'm really offering.  Purpose.  Passion.  Commitment. Empowerment. And my message is being heard ~ loudly and clearly. 

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