Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees

My passion is aligning with mission-driven companies to create multiple streams of income ~ and helping others do the same.  No more relying on someone else's company to dictate my priorities and provide for my family. Life is too precious to spend it in work that robs the soul of its natural state of joy, devalues and dishonors the Earth, and adds nothing to the upliftment of our world.

I've not come to this place overnight.  I've been expanding into prosperity consciousness for several years now, unwinding all the years of programming that said, "you have to work hard to get money," and "money doesn't grow on trees," and "it takes money to make money" and on and on.  That's what I learned from my parents, and they learned it from their parents, and they learned it from theirs.   

I intend a different legacy for my children.  That's what inspires me most.  Yet, I've been feeling frustrated as I *try* to grow my various businesses, complaining that it's *hard* because people *don't get it* and aren't interested in learning about new ways of attracting money and even prosperity. 

I remind myself today that the world is my mirror.  As long as I believe that "people don't get it," they won't.  I realize that there are lots and lots of open-minded, entrepreneurial people in this world who do *get it* ~ and I intend to meet them.  And the more open-minded I am, the more I will meet them.

Recently, I made a new friend who shares my passion for creating income streams.  We had been sharing ideas for a few days before it hit me:  "my Goddess, it's working!"  The funny thing is, she lives less than a mile away.  A person who shares my passion was right in my midst, all along.  Amazing what I don't see when I'm not looking.

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