Monday, November 8, 2010

The Business of Passion

As much as I believe passionately in the mission of Pre-Paid Legal to empower people, I have struggled with presenting it to others in a way that was meaningful.  I was so easily discouraged by all of the "but why would I want that?" and the  "isn't that a pyramid?" responses.  I have used their services countless times for many purposes.  I may be a lawyer, but my experience is in environmental law ~ and my questions are about wills, land use, and consumer credit ~ areas of expertise in which I have none.  I love having this service, and yet I felt unsuccessful in communicating with others about it.

I'm a "sea urchin," if you're familiar with the dolphin-shark-urchin-whale personality types.  I love information.  I love details.  I want to know everything about something, and then I vomit what I know over everyone else!  

Recently, I talked to a young man, not about the practical aspects of the membership, but about my love for Harland Stonecipher, the founder, who had a vision that no other American should suffer as he did without access to legal services; a man of little means who had the courage to act on his dream of making equal justice within the means of all.  The young man said, "I'm into any company with that kind of passion."  And a light bulb went on.

For all the days I struggled to find the means of speaking to people about money, business, and financial freedom, I now find the path illuminated by speaking from my heart, about what ignites my passion.  I realize that people feel the sincerity when I speak from my heart, and they 'hear' me.  This isn't just relegated to romantic and friendly relationships.  It's for EVERY relationship.  Forget all the coaching, the seminars and training.  Business is no different than any aspect of life.  Speak my truth, from my heart, and my customers, my business associates, my friends, my children, and my husband understand what I'm really offering.  Purpose.  Passion.  Commitment. Empowerment. And my message is being heard ~ loudly and clearly. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Now Cat

The old cat stands on the desk in front of my face.

Flicking the end of his long, skinny tail at my nose.

Flick wiggle wiggle Flick wiggle wiggle Flick

As if warning me. Pay Attention to Now.

Waiting may mean you will miss it. You will miss me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Experiencing Oneness

Floating, drifting, rolling in, and as the wave rolls across the wave of the one before, merging, melding into the wave, the pulsating of energy vibration in this time and space and beyond all knowing and awareness, the One life is having its way in and through each drop of water, each rolling wave, each crash on the beach, the roar of the tsunami, the trickling of the all encompassing flow of life itself, expressing itself as Being, as breathing, as waves of expanding energy, manifesting as the leaf, the branch, the root, the tree ~ growth, death, and transformation into a greater knowing of Itself ~ reflecting on the wave, on the wind, and on baby’s breath, I am the wind through the trees, the wave caressing the beach, the sweet milk scent of the newborn’s sigh, I am Being, and I am breathing, and I AM.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hanging On the Dark Side of the Moon

I've just returned from a 13-day journey of romance, remembering and awakening. It was such a life-changing experience that I'm feeling at a loss now to know what I will do ~ or even who I will BE ~ now that it is done.  It's not such an odd question, I suppose, for someone who has had four different occupations, not including the all-consuming occupation of motherhood.  Still, it seems a sudden and jarring shift, feeling so disconnected from the activities and intentions that kept me so preoccupied just a couple of weeks ago. 

Or is that even true?  I still feel deeply committed to preserving and honoring Earth's precious resources.  I still intend to create wealth through my own businesses, rather than just getting by, working for an hourly wage.  I still feel passionately devoted to empowering people to connect to their inner truth.  So it seems my passions are in place.  It's the means of serving them that feel out of synch.

The idea that I'm doing something to honor the Earth by sending once-used containers out for recycling feels hollow.  The idea of doing business without approaching it from a place of deep spirituality feels empty.  The idea that signing people up for a legal services plan is a means of empowering people feels lacking.  Everything that I once said I was doing to serve and honor my passions seems to fall far short of the mark.  And yet I don't know how to better serve them. 

What I do know ~ and feel intensely ~ is that this life, this world, this Universe is an expression of the One, the infinite Divine mind (God/dess, Creator, Great Spirit, whatever name you choose).  Everything I can see, touch, and feel is a gift of, from, and as God.  Doing anything that does not reflect that awareness seems empty and pointless to me now.  Not that I inted to join a convent or crawl into a cave.  Quite the contrary.  I feel utterly and essentially drawn to experience this world with my full being, to delight in the exquisite gift that it is.  I intend to LIVE more fully in this world than ever before.  I don't *know* yet how that will look, but I do know how it feels and that's the key to awakening and manifesting anything. 

It feels so delicious to honor the Earth, to embrace abundance, and be of service to others so that they may know the same.   I intend to hang here, loving the feeling of life as I intend to live it, as long as this opportunity is here.  It's a perfect non-activity for this time of the New Moon, when the night sky is darkest and the possibilities are endless.  Blessed be.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees

My passion is aligning with mission-driven companies to create multiple streams of income ~ and helping others do the same.  No more relying on someone else's company to dictate my priorities and provide for my family. Life is too precious to spend it in work that robs the soul of its natural state of joy, devalues and dishonors the Earth, and adds nothing to the upliftment of our world.

I've not come to this place overnight.  I've been expanding into prosperity consciousness for several years now, unwinding all the years of programming that said, "you have to work hard to get money," and "money doesn't grow on trees," and "it takes money to make money" and on and on.  That's what I learned from my parents, and they learned it from their parents, and they learned it from theirs.   

I intend a different legacy for my children.  That's what inspires me most.  Yet, I've been feeling frustrated as I *try* to grow my various businesses, complaining that it's *hard* because people *don't get it* and aren't interested in learning about new ways of attracting money and even prosperity. 

I remind myself today that the world is my mirror.  As long as I believe that "people don't get it," they won't.  I realize that there are lots and lots of open-minded, entrepreneurial people in this world who do *get it* ~ and I intend to meet them.  And the more open-minded I am, the more I will meet them.

Recently, I made a new friend who shares my passion for creating income streams.  We had been sharing ideas for a few days before it hit me:  "my Goddess, it's working!"  The funny thing is, she lives less than a mile away.  A person who shares my passion was right in my midst, all along.  Amazing what I don't see when I'm not looking.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God's Work

I realize that I have been trying to take over God's work.  It's like the old saying about trying to teach a pig to sing.  It's a waste of time an really annoys the pig.

It is for God to create, for me to allow.  For God to manifest, for me to receive. For God to pull together the necessary pieces of the puzzle of the entire Universe, to set in motion that shock wave of seemingly random incidents and coincidences that bring a new friend, a business associate, or a rare moment of intimacy with my husband; and for me to rest in the exquisite trust, joyful anticipation and gratitude of All that is.  Blessed be.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Exchange

Instead of "charging money" for her sessions, my friend Tara asks for an Energy Exchange.  She gifts her time and Spirit to someone who, in turn, gifts her with that which they have been given by another, in recognition of their own gift of time and Spirit...and so it goes, truly dispelling the age-old notion that "money isn't spiritual." Blessed be the Energy Exchange.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Simple Shift

For the past year, I've had a sign on my desk that says, "Building my Business is a Spiritual Practice." I created the sign to disconnect the old notion that money and spirit are two separate realms. I believe money is energy, just as everything else that we know, see, touch, feel and own in this life. Consciously connecting to the energy that is money is as meaningful and powerful as consciously connecting to the energy of my own Spirit.

After I got home from the Priestess Initiation yesterday, I looked at the sign and saw its true meaning as "My Spiritual Practice is Building my Business." A simple shift in focus and yet what a powerful shift in energy. 

Lack of focus has been something I've experienced the last few months.  Embracing my path as a Modern Day Priestess is leading me out of the fuzzy focus and into clarity....Blessed be.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Procrastinating Happiness

"Not now, honey" sex
"Too much to do today" exercise
"After this one" nutrition
"Let me check email first" meditation
"When I have more success" Chicken List
"When he's in a better mood" ask for what I want
"After I cook dinner" family time
"When I have the money" travel

Why do I keep insisting upon "one more thing" before allowing the very experiences that make me happiest, wealthiest, and healthiest? I know what makes me feel good. I have a list right by my computer. That's right. I had to make a list. A few years ago, when my kids were very young, my husband had a broken leg that would not heal, and I had a brick-and-mortar business with overhead, I felt I was drowning in a sea of responsibilities. I ran myself ragged. For my own sanity, I made myself a List of Things I LOVE. And I made myself do at least one thing on the list (which includes "doing nothing") every single day.

It worked out great until Left Brain got a hold of it. Then I made a Chart setting out how many fun things, how many work things, how many household things, and how many Other Things I was supposed to do each day. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. Pretty soon, all my fun things seemed like drudgery because they were Required.

Eventually, I gave up the Chart, but I still have the List. The List contains, coincidentally, 31 entries, with all the variety and pleasure of Baskin Robbin's 31 flavors. From swimming to screaming, organizing to breathing. I have the luxury of more free time these days than I did back when I made the List, and I still do something fun everyday. That may not sound like an accomplishment to my eight year old, but for a 48-year-old mother and business owner, I consider it a huge success that I have made having fun a priority again. One of my better accomplishments this decade, even.

So why do I still procrastinate happiness on so many levels? It all comes from that old sense of "deserving," I suppose. I have to earn the time off, the dessert or thing I really want. And yet my spirituality tells me that I need do nothing to deserve all the love, light and happiness in the Universe. In fact, my beloved Abraham tells me that taking action without feeling good first is useless: "Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don't take the time to line up the Energy, if you don't find the feeling place of what you're looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference."

So in fact I am going about it all wrong. It isn't easy to break old habits of "do first, then deserve to feel good," but I am willing to give it a try. Dessert before drudgery, who doesn't want that?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Landfill Guilt

I can make the simplest things very difficult, usually by thinking about them far too much. For example, I have a hard time throwing things away. Even things that hold no meaning and serve no purpose, not in my life, anyway. Those stupid, cheap toys that come in fast-food kids' meals, for example. I look at them and think of the kids who work in the sweat shops to produce them for ten cents a day and the environmental damage caused by the petroleum that was dug out of the Earth, hauled around the world, and combusted. Worst of all, I picture that piece of plastic junk sitting in a landfill for a few hundred years. Everybody knows plastic doesn't biodegrade for a few millennia, right?

Of course, modern landfills have rendered the biodegradable / non-biodegradable distinction virtually meaningless. Modern landfills cover up new additions so quickly, in an effort to prevent any potentially offensive sights and smells, that the natural process of decomposition is interrupted. Garbologists have cored into landfills and found packages of meat dated some forty years earlier that hadn't even begun to decompose (see Rubbish: The Archeology of Garbage). Food that would go bad in a couple of days on your kitchen counter doesn't decompose in a modern landfill in forty years. I can't imagine how long it would take for a plastic SpongeBob. So I picture everything I throw away, all those things that can't possibly be recycled, sitting there in the ground in perpetuity like some hideous monument to our utter disregard for our most generous host, Planet Earth. Where is Wall-E?

Since clearing out my mother's house, I have accumulated a lot more stuff in mine. I brought home boxes and boxes of her things that I wanted to take time sorting. It's been nearly eleven months, and many of them are still here. Landfill Guilt is a big part of the reason why. There are a lot of perfectly good things in there that people don't want, need or use anymore. Other things that have sentimental value, either to me or to my Mother. What to do with it all? I find homes for things that are still useful. I donate those things the charities will accept. I recycle what I can. Still there are boxes and boxes of Other Stuff that I don't know what to do with.

My indecisiveness about the fate of simple objects was hindering my healing process. I had to do something. So I had a talk with Mother Earth. I explained my dilemma. I told her that I feel a deep love and reverence for her. I explained that I also need to remove things from my house that don't seem to belong anywhere. I explained that I need to do a major physical clearing in order to support my emotional clearing.

She could not have been more understanding. Now, she does abhor mindless production and proliferation of trash and pollution. Having said that, she does welcome back what is hers. There is nothing that we have in the physical plane which did not come from her. She receives it all back with the love of a mother who embraces a long-lost child. Our human-centered awareness of time has no relevance for her. What seems an eternity to us, is a blink of an eye for her. She will transform, rehabilitate, and reorganize that which has been returned to her in her own time.

I can't tell you how much this conversation relieved my landfill guilt. I still think twice before tossing out my old teddy bear. I still post a lot of things craigslist. I still cringe when my kids ask for toys encased in excessive wads of plastic. But I have changed the way I think about all these things. They are all gifts from the Mother. And she does not mind re-gifting.