Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Chinese New Year

This year, I'm celebrating the Chinese New Year. For one reason, I had a bad cold on the night of our traditional New Year's Eve and went to bed early. While I am well past the need to imbibe to excess to celebrate another successful journey around the Sun, I still felt a little cheated. Safe passage across 150 million kilometers deserves an acknowledgement of some kind.

For another reason, I think I always feel rushed to make the adjustment from the rush and the excesses of the holidays to the serious contemplation of my intentions for a new year. I need more time and better focus.

Apparently, the Universe agrees with me because I have recently received two bulletins on the subject.

Bulletin One. We got our an annual update on the feng shui needs of our home, which need to be in place by the date of the Chinese New Year. I'm always curious to see what the annual report will say, and I'm equally happy that we have about a month or so to implement the fixes. Then it occurred to me: if I get an extra moon or so to remedy the energy in my home, why not give myself the extra time for my personal remedies?

Bulletin Two: I received the newsletter, written by founder Dawn Smith-Camacho. She takes the entire month of January to set her intentions for the New Year for the same reason I just listed. I like that idea a lot. Goal setting is serious business, and I'm not in the proper frame of mind for it when I'm hyped up on egg nog and December's frantic pace.

So I'm taking the time this month to review where I am with respect to business, family, health, conscious living and personal empowerment. I appreciate having the time to set measurable and achievable goals that will serve me through the next twelve moons.

The Chinese New Year is February 7th this year. I'll have party hats for anybody who wants to celebrate it with me.