Friday, January 9, 2009

Caffeine Clairvoyance

I admit that I am a closet caffeine addict. I don't imbibe everyday, and, quite honestly, that's not out of any sense of discipline. It's because the effect for me is diluted once it becomes part of my daily routine. My intention in my day-to-day living is to constantly aim for a little bit better feeling and to take those small, incremental steps that lead to long-term success and happiness. I know that slow and steady wins the race. I am here to enjoy the ride, rather than race to the finish line. I am certainly not ready to check out of this Hotel California just yet. I want to enjoy my children and, someday, grandchildren for years to come.

Still, despite my best intentions, some negativity slowly creeps in. The intensity of all those good feelings becomes dulled. Much as my intentions are still set for slow, steady improvement, I crave that jump start I get from the occasional caffeine buzz.

Partly, it's because we're programmed to accomplish more, more, more, and I can wallpaper the world when I slam down that cup of my favorite Swork Mexican Mayan Mocha latte. Okay, yes, when I go for the caffeine buzz, I go all out. It feels good to accomplish 96 things in the time I'd normally start contemplating when and where I should start possibly thinking about doing something.

The other part of the attraction is that sense of clairvoyance that comes with a change in my caffeine content. Every issue that seemed murky is now so clear! I can accomplish so much because I am not bogged down in the "should I, when should I, how should I" debate amongst me, myself, and I. I'm a Gemini, so it's quite a lively debate.

Truth is, I get the same clarity from a good meditation session. After all, the intention for meditation is to let go of all thoughts. It's all that thinking, thinking, thinking is what bogs me down. I heard someone say that a good idea will never interrupt you. It's hard to hear that small still voice that guides me so perfectly when the chatterbox in my head is constantly running. It's our "Happiness Comes in a Pill" programming that flings me out the door and into Swork, rather than my meditation room.

My other excuse is that by frequenting my beloved Swork Coffee in Eagle Rock, I am supporting a local, small business. Since closing the doors on our small retail shop, I feel for small business owners, especially in these times when so many are spending less. While I believe that the Universe is endless abundance ~ and there is never any lack, except in our own minds ~ I do see a benefit to the impact the shift in the economy has brought. Mindless spending is empty at best, and I can't help but lament the environmental costs of producing all that Stuff, along with its associated packaging materials. When we do spend, I urge us all to consider carefully where and how we spend the precious abundance that the Universe bestows upon us.

Swork acts as a vital community center in our little corner of Los Angeles, and for that I am deeply grateful. I meet friends and neighbors in there regularly. The local coffee house has become our new "town hall," and I am quite happy to devote some of my abundance to supporting it.

My intention for 2009 is to get myself into the meditation room that my husband so generously created, for me for at least some part of every day. And then if that doesn't help, I am off to Swork!