Friday, May 1, 2009

Make the Universe Laugh

Reading some of my old posts reminds of the line "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." For me, it's "if you want to make the Universe laugh, write a blog post about something you've got all figured out." Let me review.

"A little late is right on time." Immediately after this post, we got a letter from the school cordially inviting us to a meeting for truants to learn about the repercussions of repeated tardiness. My inner teenager rebelled. Hand on hip, I rolled my eyes, and I railed against the The Man. Still, we had to go to the meeting, so I took Cameron and Chloe with me, and they totally got it. So I gave up the fight, and we're not late to school anymore. Cameron is a much happier camper now that his teacher isn't continually mad at him for being late all the time.

"My extra weight is like a life preserver around my middle. I'm cool with that. For now." I just finished a two-week cleanse, which meant subsisting on berries, quinoa, brown rice, cooked vegetables, and lots of powdered stuff. It was tough getting my mind wrapped around the idea of "food as fuel," rather than Pleasure, Comfort, and Company. Once I got there, it felt great to be letting go all those addictions and associations. Now that extra weight feels more like an anchor than a life preserver, and I'm not cool with it anymore.

"I crave that jump start from an occasional caffeine buzz." I really thought my cup-a-day habit was pretty modest compared to some of the coffee-all-day people I know. Truth is, my "cup" was a three-espresso-shot sixteen ounce indulgence laden with Mexican chocolate and milk. Not so modest, maybe, but OMG good. I've had problems with caffeine in the past, causing my heart to race and many sleepless nights. Who was I kidding? I still like patronizing Swork, but, since my cleanse, I get a truly modest buzz from a healthy green tea. I'm still not crazy about it, but it's fuel and not an addiction.

So all the great things I had figured out seemed to have lost their meaning as soon as I wrote them down. Maybe that's the whole point of it. Once alesson is mastered, it morphs into something else entirely, like combining Michael Jackson and Shrek on (scary). I suppose that's better than banging my head against the wall, stuck on the same thing over and over, never getting it. With that in mind, I'm happy to make the Universe laugh. It means I've graduated. Instead of a cap and gown, I get a hearty, side-splitting guffaw and there's nothing better than that. Okay, maybe one thing.


  1. So glad you are writing again!!! I love it!



  2. Welcome back ! I missed you.........I keep telling you that you should WRITE !
    Love you


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