Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Late is Right on Time

Looking at the changes in our country this week, I am thinking that I'm not alone in my need for a little more time to make change-of-an-era adjustments (see last post). We may be eight-plus years into the twenty-first century, but the look and feel of it didn't seem any different to me until this week. Maybe the Universe needs a little more time to manifest its new intentions, too. After all, what's a mere eight years out of a hundred?

Myself, I am starting to feel my intentions for this new year becoming more clear and even starting to manifest, as this first month winds down.

Left Brain, always wanting to "figure it all out," notes that 8 years out of one hundred (8/100=.08) is almost the same as my one extra month out of 12 (.1/12 = .083). Therefore, Left Brain has calculated that I'm right on pace with the Universe.

Right Brain is glad. Right Brain wants old Lefty to stop beating her up for always being just a little bit late. Being "in the moment" doesn't always correlate well with the clock on the wall, is Right Brain's way of thinking.

For once, Right Brain and Left Brain agree. It's a moment to celebrate, especially if you're a Gemini, like me. Now, if only my children could agree on something....

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  1. The Universe and I may be of a like mind, but the school district and I are not. Shortly after I made this post, I got a menacing letter from the kids' school letting me know that I could be prosecuted if I continued to bring them to school on our usual happy-go-lucky, we're in tune with the Universe schedule. So I'll just have to enjoy being in tune with the Universe after I get the kids to school each day.


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