Thursday, February 5, 2009

Email From God

The way I used to check my email was crazy. I was obsessed with it. I'd check it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I'd check it before starting any new project and get so engrossed in email that I never would get around to that new project. I have an addictive nature, and I suppose it's relatively harmless as far as additions go.

Still, with the urgency I felt to check my email, you'd think that I was expecting an email from God. "Dear Cheryl, enough with the victim routine. That's soooooo not you. Love, God." Now that would get my attention.

Truthfully, there are days when I do wish God would just send an email like that. I do think prayers are answered, if we are paying attention. All the unlikely coincidences, our animal encounters, and the “where did that come from?” ideas are messages straight from the Universe. They are not always easy to decipher. Sometimes, I feel life is just one big game of Clue.

All this looking for God in the details, noticing the coincidences, and seeing the signs that give us clues about how we're doing...sometimes the subtlety is lost on me. I could use a freeway message board sized answer.

All that aside, I am thankfully past all that obsession with email. These days, I get more Junk Email than personal messages, anyway. In fact, it's become the new snail mail, IMHO. It's full of ads for stuff I don't want, bank & credit card statements (go green!), and solicitations for donations from well-meaning charities. It's efficient and handy, but the thrill is gone.

So I check my email on a normal schedule now, once or twice a day, and that's it. The rest of the time, I am on Facebook!

Facebook is the 'new email' for me. No notices of bills to pay or sad news about the polar bears. Just fun little notes from my friends about their every day activities. That's one thing I really appreciate about Facebook: the chance to celebrate the mundane, our everyday successes. I have a quote on my computer that says something to the effect that if we celebrate the little things, then life takes on the character of a big party, and I'm always up for a good happy hour. I'd cite the source (if I could remember who said it), but I think I have botched the intent so much they wouldn't recognize it anyway.

So Facebook is fun, low key, and reminds me to celebrate my life. It does have its downside, though. Now I walk around talking to myself, like I am the narrator in my own life. "Cheryl is waking up." "Cheryl needs coffee." "Cheryl is going INSANE, trying thinking of clever status updates for her Facebook page."

Okay, so it turns out that my obsession has just migrated from email to Facebook, but I'm not worried. It's a harmless diversion. It's not like I'm looking for status updates from God on Facebook. He's not a member. I already checked.

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